Thursday, May 5, 2011

Punishment Day 2

Tonight, my hubby informed me that to really help me in my training,  that I should incorporate a speed workout into my week.  My initial thought was, "Speed?,  that no longer should be in the same sentence with my name",  however I chose to listen to him.  Steve is my husband, best friend, coach, biggest fan, and biggest critic all rolled into one.  To say that the coach/trainee relationship is interesting, is well an understatement.

I had visited with him earlier in the day about my concerns regarding the pain I have been feeling in my shins in particular.  Did I tell you that Steve is also my personal research assistant?  I love this man!  He gets right on line, and googles....shin splints and then formulates the best way for me to proceed. The regimen will consist of icing, ibuprofen, and running on flat surfaces only.  So off we went to the track.

When we arrived,  Steve smiles at me the most dazzling smile, and gives me a playful wink and says "I am going to punish you"   WHAT???  I'm thinking...I've given birth to your four children, cook for you, clean for you, do your laundry, and love and support you each and every day, and this is what I get?  HOW RUDE!

Once I got over my momentary/internal rant, I swallowed my pride, followed him out onto the track, and took my "punishment." He truly seemed to enjoy giving me my punishment by the way....I swear the man thinks I'm superwomen or something! During one of my "sprint" quarter miles,  I was so winded that I truly thought my lungs were going to heave out of my mouth at any moment!  If I didn't love my family so much, I may have just lied down on the track and died right then and there!  Okay,  okay maybe not, but it sure felt that way!

When the torture ended,  I felt this odd sense of accomplishment.  It amazes me the huge spectrum of emotions I can go through when I run.  In this case,  I was sure death was immanent, and now I was feeling surprisingly... good.  I was also feeling  joy....what a strange emotion to feel after being tortured!!!

What a Trip!

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