Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am a 36 year old mother of four,  who struggles with her weight.  It hasn't always been this way.  I was young, thin, and quite athletic once upon a time.  I had the luxury as a young women to eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight.  I consumed mostly junk.  My staples in high school were, Mt Dew, snickers, and anything greasy and fried from the Montrose Irish Pub.  I would trade...almost anything during school lunches for someones mashed potatoes and gravy....Yummy!  In College I stayed with these trends and added anything with extra, extra cheese, and of course a healthy side of sour cream or ranch!  I do love all things yummy, and have an innate talent for making even healthy choices, unhealthy.  My best friend in College ( Angie) would always shake her head at the amount of food I could consume, and still remain quite thin.  Unfortunately I never got the memo that when you have children, your metabolism takes a nose dive off of a cliff, and you can no longer eat with out consequence.

So fast forward 12 years, and here I sit, overweight, completely out of shape, and trying to reconcile how things once were to how they are now.  Don't get me wrong, I know how I got here, terrible eating habits, not taking time to exercise, 7 pregnancies(3 miscarriages) in 12 years, and focusing on everyone, but me.  I think most mothers go through a period in their lives where they are so busy taking care of everyone else....they forget they have to take care of themselves along the way.  For me,  my world became very small, and completely revolved around my husband and children.  The thing I've learned from this is that if I don't take the time to take care of myself,  I can't take very good care of them.

So I have set a goal!  I have joined a team called the LIFE runners, and plan to run my first half-marathon!  I will be chronicling my journey from a physical, spiritual, and mental perspective, from now until the finish line of the Kansas City marathon/half marathon on Oct 15, 2011.  The reason I have chose to do this is because my health alone does not seem to be enough motivation for me, so I am choosing to run for Life!

You are officially invited to join me on my journey of faith, brokenness, and victory through Christ our Lord!

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  1. I am so proud of you too. I felt like I was reading a diary when I read your blog. The only thing different is somehow I've got to jump this hurdle with my knee, foot and back. I'm physically falling apart and it's keeping me hostage inside this fat body. UGHH. I feel your pain and I will rejoice with you when you finish in Kansas City. I will offer up my pain and limitations for your sacrifice and desire! I will be with you in spirit as you run this race FOR LIFE! God bless you and may Mary wrap her loving arms around you as you take this journey. +JMJ+ Sisters in Christ, Stephanie