Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Monday Jan 2nd was Steve and I's 13th wedding Anniversary. We went to dinner and a movie, and realized it had been way to long since our last date night. We reminisced a lot of our wedding day. It was a day full of trials and adventures.....kind of like our life, but it was a wonderfully beautiful day. The night before at our rehearsal dinner(at Olive Garden) The weather took a nasty turn. The beginning of a nasty blizzard that stuck around for the weekend. We made arrangements to get myself, Steve, the best man, and my maid of honor (my sister) to my parents place, so if all else failed at least we could get married. We did not know if over half of the guests would make it, because a lot of them were staying in hotels in Sioux Falls. Montrose is just a little town, and does not offer any sleeping accommodations. We got to Montrose driving through a treacherous blizzard praying the entire way. I was really worried for Steve, that his family might not make it, most of mine would be there, but my heart was breaking at the thought of his family not sharing our wedding day. I didn't sleep all night, I was running through last minute details, and was just way to excited/anxious to sleep.  I gave up attempting to sleep at 5am and started getting everyone up and getting things set up.  By some miracle Steve's family, as well as a good share of our guests made it to Montrose.  It was quite the Caravan of SUV's pulling into town.  We had lots of drama with peoples tuxes not fitting right, and pants falling off of people.  WOW. It seemed I would catch family members whispering in the corner about another thing that had not gone right.  By the time we were ready to take pictures, I was exhausted, and verging on collapse.  I remember looking at the alter, and the tabernacle, and saying.....okay Jesus, I give up, today is yours. I had planned my entire wedding, and spent countless hours making floral arrangements/decorations, hours of bargain shopping finding the best deals at the lowest price.  My parents just didn't have any money to help me, so I paid for most of my wedding myself.  I found my dream dress( $ 1500.00) at a dress shop that was having a liquidation sale, and got it for $400. Steve's parents paid for the rehearsal dinner, and bought the food for our reception. Steve's mom Kathy and I  made all the cheesy potatoes ahead of time and froze them, as well as the pear salad.  We had the church auxiliary ladies help get the food in the oven, and serve. We had Ham and Cheese potatoes, corn, pear salad, and wedding cake.  We paid them$50 and gave them some of the decorations off the tables. I paid $50 to rent the brand new beautiful Church hall to have my reception in. I found the perfect invitations/cake topper.  I had a lady in Montrose make my wedding was Gorgeous and I paid $82.  I had my dream wedding on a shoestring budget.  I know that God's hand had to be in that.  I can remember being in the third grade talking about my wedding with a friend.  My dress, color scheme, Christmas wedding were relatively close to what I dreamed of as a little girl. I even remember having a reoccurring dream about my wedding. I would always wake up right when my groom would turn to kiss me, I only saw him from the back.  In my dream he always wore a what seemed to be a Top Hat. I was renewed in spirit, and somehow got through the pictures.  Our wedding ceremony was beautiful.  All of our attendants (12) were there.  All of our Family/friends were there.  I cried of course, but I was so happy and exhausted, but mostly happy.  When I was saying my vows  I was filled with such love and conviction.  I was marrying the love of my life, and my best friend.   Steve's Grandma Mary provided us with a rooster crowing.   She had had a stroke and was in a wheelchair, and wore a clock around her neck....when the alarm would go off it sounded like a rooster crowing.  We got a good laugh our of that.  Our reception was beautiful,  filled with laughter and wonderful stories shared  by our Families.   At the end of the reception,  the traditional stealing the bride and groom came,  My sister and my bridesmaids took Steve to a couple bars in surrounding towns.  My brothers  convinced the wedding party to take me to a cemetery on the edge of town and drop me off blindfolded. (In heels, In the middle of a blizzard.) .  Rob and James wanted to make me walk back to town......that is so my brothers.   They pulled pranks like that on me my whole life.   Once I realized where I was,  I took off walking back to town.  Thank goodness my bro-in-law Pat drew the line at leaving me there.  They came driving back a couple minutes later.  The whole SUV got a kick out of it when I acted like a bull, and was going to charge them.....they were all amazed at what a good sport I was, but I had made the decision that my brothers antics were not going to get me mad and spoil my day, so I went with it.

We had a fun time dancing at the Montrose Legion.  We had a DJ, and all of the traditional dances. The chicken dance is one of my favorites.  The Castle's and the Corbins all like to have a good time, it was a very fun night.

Later when I was looking through all the pictures, I found one my aunt had taken from behind, when Steve and I were standing at the alter.  I looked at it really close, it looked just like my reoccurring dream. The dress, the groom, and yes it even looked as though Steve were wearing a Top hat,  you could see part of the Tabernacle above Steve's head and it could be mistaken for a top hat.  I am guilty of being a completely hopeless romantic, but I just knew we were meant to be.  That God had meant for us to be together in our Vocation of Marriage for the rest of our lives. The Fact that the tabernacle which holds Jesus, was such a prominent part of my dream, shows he should always be kept in the center of our marriage. We try hard to make that happen.

I am so thankful for my husband and children and the life God has given me.  I know each day is a gift, and I hope to use everyday to serve him.  Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Recap

 We had a wonderful Christmas.  Our plans were quite unknown leading up to Christmas due to Steve's father having a complete laryngectomy at the beginning of Nov.  He had cancer in his throat.  They are hopeful that they got most of it, but he will start radiation treatment this month.  Anyway,  his parents were thinking of coming up to Fergus Falls, and I would have hosted Christmas, but then we didn't know.....I think everyone changed there minds about ten times, and then it was decided that we would go home for Christmas.  However, the week before the whole family, with the exception of Samuel was hit with a violent stomach bug.  It was fast and furious and we fell like domino's.  Strangely enough I was the first to get it. I cant remember the last time I got a stomach bug.  It usually hits everyone but me.  That in itself is a miracle, because I am the one cleaning it all up.  I think God looks out for us mom's when these things go through the house, cause usually mom has to take care of everyone, even if she is sick herself.  Needless to say, there was question as to whether we would go home at all, because the last thing we wanted was to get Steve's dad sick.  Steve was the last to get over it.  He ended up going in to  the doc and getting an antibiotic, because he had a sinus infection to boot.  As of Thursday night we still did not know if we were going, but by Friday morning he was well enough to go.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family and went to church in Montrose with my mom.  It was really nice to attend church in Montrose again, it had been way to long. I love St. Patricks Catholic Church. Being in the church again also brought back lots of memories of my wedding day.  I wanted a Christmas wedding because I loved how pretty the church looked at Christmas time! We had a nice low key Christmas with the Castle's on Christmas day.  Monday we got together with some new friends the Lorangs, and our children played like old friends, and we had some great conversation.  Then we headed home.

Tuesday brought about Sam's Tonsil/adenoid removal surgery.  I had been quite nervous, but all went well.  Thank God! Saturday we celebrated New Years Eve, with Steve, the kids, and myself, and lots of  snack stuff.  It was fun, but I was asleep when the new year began, I think that is how I have brought in the New Year, since I've been married.  I like my bed.  Luckily for Steve our oldest Brianna is a bit of a night owl  like her daddy, so she stays up with him now.

All and All it was a great Christmas/ New Years.