Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seizure throws us for a loop

Sarah woke about 2am Saturday morning full of mucous.  She was coughing and puking.   I was pretty sure that she was having a reaction to the Septra.   When she was on it last week the same thing happened, but the on call DR thought that is was a virus going along with the MRSA.   I didn't think so, but hey I 'm not a Doc.  So anyway when she woke up with the same symptoms, I knew in my gut it was a reaction to the medicine.  I also noticed she had a temp.   I attempted to put her in a tepid bath to cool her down, and she wanted nothing to do with that.  I also attempted to give her Tylenol, and she just puked it up.  I was kicking myself for not getting the Tylenol suppositories  like I had intended to do when I went to the store.  So I stripped her down to her diaper, and did my best to bring her temp. down.   Her temp was not super high....101.  However the last two times she had seizures that is what her temp was.  She has had several fevers in between with no seizures.  We were told that by the age of two febrile seizures go way down, and they completely outgrow them at five.  Since she hadn't had any since November and was over two we were hoping she had outgrown them.  About 3 am  I contemplated taking her into the ER.  She was miserable.  I could hardly recognize her....her face was even more swollen from the bug bite, she had a low grade temp and was still all gunky and coughing.  Just when I was about to take her into the ER she went back to sleep.  If I tried to lay her down she would wake up crying,  so I just sat in the rocking chair and let her sleep in my arms.  At about 345  I noticed she was completely zonked so I laid her in her crib.  I laid down, and said a prayer.  About 30 seconds later, I hear this weird sound, and I knew immediately in my heart she was having a seizure.  I flew out of bed, screamed at Steve the baby is seizing,  turned on the light, and had her diastat in my hands in record time.  Diastat is the drug that they say finally brought her out of her first seizure....which was an hour and a half.  Steve was beside me in a second, and my hands were working frantically to try and give this med to her.   It is a suppository form, and I realized the first vial we had did not have a thing to push on to get the medicine out.  I fumbled with it,  my hands shaking incessantly.  Steve grabbed the other one, and luckily that one had the pusher thing on.....sorry can't think of the correct terminology right pusher thing will have to do.  It is HORRIFYING to watch your daughter convulse like that.   Her whole body was convulsing,  she was turning blue,  and had gunk coming out of her mouth and nose.   As horrible as that is to watch,  that is not even the worse part for me.   Her eyes are open,  but they are is a vacant stare,  and it chills me to the depths of my soul.  Luckily the Diastat worked quickly, and pulled her out of her seizure.  I was on the phone calling 911, and Steve stayed with Sarah.  I also ran about the house throwing her medicine, and the diastat syringe into the diaper bag so I had them for the Doctor.  We ended up staying at the hospital all day Saturday through Sunday morning.  Needless to say I didn't get any running in...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sarah has another allergic reaction to bug bite.

She woke up looking like this...
Thursday night Sarah had gotten a few more bug bites, she was only out for about 10 minutes and I had her doused with 25% deet bug spray. I noticed the bite on her cheek when she came in, and I knew her face would swell. Friday morning it was pretty puffy, but she could still see out of it, and it didn't look to bad. Friday after nap, her entire eye was swollen shut, her whole left side of her face was swollen, and she had nasty green drainage coming out of her eye. I called the on-call Doc, and they decided to put her back on Septra. This was the antibiotic she had been on just the week before, because of the MRSA. With the green drainage they didn't want to risk another infection. So I give her medicine. She went to bed really well that evening, I knew she was tired. Little did I know what the night had in store for us. More to come......

Friday, July 29, 2011

The training officially begins!

It has been a couple weeks since, I have posted, and it has been a busy couple of weeks. Saturday July 23rd I went and ran my first "longer run" I ran 5.21 miles. It actually went really well. Monday July 25th was the official starting day of my half-marathon training. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all really good days. I was excited to officially be training, I had purpose and a mission. I was excited, and very happy with where I was at. Thursday I ran 4.25 miles and knew I had another 5 miler waiting for me on Saturday.   According to Hal Higdon's training schedule I should take Friday off,  so I did!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat, speed, illness, and Family.

Thursday July 14th

WOW is it hot.  Steve and I ran together this evening.  I have slowly been improving my time and distance. Now that I am running 35 minutes a day, I am running about 3.25 miles.  I usually seem to average about a 1030 mile pace  which is a great improvement over my 12 min mile pace I was running just a month ago.  Steve said he was going to push me, and like to see me at a 9:30 mile pace.  I scoffed at him, because my fastest time before that was like a 10:13 mile pace.  I told him there would be no way I could do that, especially in this heat.  So off we went.  Steve and I kept a pretty good pace, and I seemed to be really struggling.  I have a terrible cold, plus I have been up with Sarah quite a bit lately.  She has not been feeling well.   We took her into the Dr. on Monday, because she has been having terrible reactions to bug bites.  Her whole face will swell up!  Now all the bites are rather big sores, and look infected to me.   The Dr cultured and we got the results today that she has MRSA.   That is a antibiotic resistant staph type infection.   I freaked out, because when I worked in the hospital with it we gowned and gloved and it was a pretty big deal.   I checked with the state to see if this was something I would have to close the daycare for, and surprisingly I didn't.   I was informed that MRSA is actually everywhere, and more common than I thought.   So they grew out the cultures, tested the sensitivities, and found exactly what antibiotic will work for it, so  we started her on septra.  4 teaspoons a day.....that is a huge dose!  I called and told all the daycare parents and told them what was going on, and gave them the choice to  pick up kids if they wanted.   I already have 3 days off next week so they chose to pull them out till next week after Sarah had been on the antibiotic for a while.  I would have done the same thing as a parent.  Anyway,  as Steve and I were running,  I offered up all my prayers for a quick recovery for Sarah.  I have to admit, that her being sick in any fashion is quite nerve racking for me.  Since she had her seizure last fall, I am just much more sensitive to  what could happen with her.  The momma lion just comes out in me, and I feel so overly protective of her.  So I needed to refocus in prayer, and put her in God's hands.  The whole run, whenever I wanted to quit, because it was soooo hot, or my head was pounding,  I just thought of my sweet baby, and how tough she is, and I pushed forward.  We ended up running 3.5 miles in 34 minutes.   It worked out to be like a 9:54 mile pace.   So not quite the 9:30  Steve hoped for, but still a great accomplishment.

Friday July 15th

It is so hot and humid that when I step outside, it feels like I am being smothered by a wet cloth.  YUK! I decide to make today a cross training day.  I have plans to run my first longer run tomorrow.   I hope to do a 5 mile run.   So today will be a good day for cross training.   I do the 30 day shred and call it good.

Sat.  July 16th

I was supposed to meet a friend at 630 am today and go for my 5 mile run,  but I was up most of the night with Sarah.   She has developed a cold, and the mucous draining in her throat is causing her to cough until she vomits.   It was a very, very long night.  I called the on-call doctor, because I 'm worried that maybe this is the surface ( wound) infection becoming a more serious internal infection.   The Dr.  says he is sure that it is separate.  So I push on.   I was going to attempt to run in the evening, since I did not get up this morning, but it is so hot out, I think I would hurt myself if I ran in this heat.  So I missed today.

Sunday July 17th

I was up all night with Sarah again.   She is coughing so hard.   Finally at 5am I remembered I had some Neb's from the last time she was sick, and decided to give her a breathing treatment.  When my Son Sam was Sarah's age,  every time he got a cold, he ended up on Neb's.   They called in reactive airway disease.....The good news is he outgrew it at age 3.  Sarah seems to have the same thing.   I gave her a Neb, and she finally stopped coughing long enough to get some sleep.   She slept until 10am.  Me on the other hand I was up by seven.  I am just exhausted.  Needless to say I couldn't find it in me to run today.   I know that's not good,  but between the heat, and the exhaustion,  I can't find it in me.

Monday July 18th.

I did ge up for a run this morning.  I ran a pretty good pace.  I have tons to do today.  I have family coming into town, and since Sarah has been so sick,  I have not got as much done as I would like.  So I got up hit my run, and then started working at home.  Cleaning, disenfecting, washing bedding, and so on and so forth.  It was a busy, but good day.

Tuesday July 19th

I did not go for a run this  morning.  I think the breakneck pace of yesterday, the lack of sleep the last few days, and this blasted cold, has just warn me out.   I have company arriving later this morning, so I chose to get right to work and get the finishing touches done.   I still needed to make a dessert, and potato salad.  Plus I didn't get to the store yesterday,  so that is also on the agenda this am. I also hope to have lunch ready and waiting for them when they arrive.  Another busy morning.  I somehow manage to get it done, right as they pull in.  Let the fun begin!!!!

Wednesday July 20th.

Today I was fortunate enough to run with my sister-in-law  Angi.  Angi is Coach Pat's wife, and they are up for a visit.  Angi is in great shape and has run several marathons, and half-marathons, so I know she will be running a lot slower than normal to run with me, but she did it anyway.  We ran the 3.5 mile course I have mapped out. It is another cooker today...... it is soooo hot and humid!   I can tell as we are running, that it is a faster pace than normal, but I really don't pay it too much attention,  Angi and I have always gotten along really well, and I really enjoy my visits with her.  I felt good today,  my left shin is a little sore, but nothing unbearable.  As we are rounding the curve to my house, I tell Ang that I am going to kick it, and finish it hard......she says go for it.  I take off, and start striding it out.   I hear Angi kinda giggle, and notice she is behind me.  I yell....."Lets go Ang!"  She laughs again and says her legs are to short to keep up with my strides.   I still think she gave it to me, but she said she was impressed by the "Corbin kick".  I guess God gave me long legs for a reason :)  When I finished the run, I ask Angi what we finished it in.   She said 33min.  That is a whole minute faster than my last fastest time.    I was pumped!  I informed Angi, that her and Pat have no say in the matter, and have to move to Fergus Falls, just so I can have her as my running partner.  I am so thankful to have her push me!  Thanks Angi!

Thursday July 21st

Angi and I went for a run together again this morning.   When I stepped outside,  I was pleasantly surprised.....IT was a wonderful 59 degrees.   I LOVE to run in weather like this versus the blast furnace we have been running in the last week.  I had no great expectations that I could repeat my faster time that I did yesterday.  As we were running, I felt really winded, and felt it was going to be a really tough day.   Angi just kept talking to me and  I kept running.  I have a few good hills on this course, and wow do they kick my butt!   I did pretty good until the last hill.  My legs felt like I could barely move them.  They were so heavy.  I let out a deep breath and Angi says....."I'm gonna push you now"  My initial thought was  "I've already been pushing!"   I dug deep and pulled up beside her.  We get to my favorite part of the run.....the downhill part, which is also close to the finish.   Angi tells me I am on track to beat my time yesterday.  The competitor in me emerges.  I pick it up, and push as hard as I can.  I get to the last two hundred yards, and Angi tells me she is going to try and hang with the "Corbin kick" today.  We take off!  I push hard and reach my drive ( the finish line.)  The result:  I took another minute and 10 seconds off my time.  I averaged a 9:28 mile pace.  Just a week ago, I had scoffed at my husband, and told him there was no way I could run a n 930 mile pace.  WOW!  I am excited.  What a great victory!  I also have another victory when I go in and weigh myself.  I am down 9 lbs.   Finally I feel like I am getting somewhere!  My wonderful bro-in-law Coach Pat sees my over zealousness, and reminds me, that slow and steady will win this race.  This is how I hurt myself.  I push and push and push.  It was a much needed reminder, and I plan on taking the rest of the week slower, and longer.  I am so blessed to have a family, like Pat and Angi as part of our Lives.   Steve and his bro Pat are best friends, and Angi and I get along like sisters.  I am so thankful for our relationship!  It is good to have anchors in this crazy world, and Pat and Angi are ours.   Thanks Guys for a great visit, and we love and miss you!

Friday July 22nd

I got up this morning to go for my run.  I woke my oldest Brianna up, cause she wanted to run part of my run with me.   We start with our warm-up walk,  it was a beautiful morning, and Brianna and I were having such a nice conversation, that I decided to just walk today, and call it a cross-training day.  Brianna is 11 and 1/2.  She is a sweet loving responsible young lady, who is entering into the very challenging....preteen/teenager stage.  I am usually quite busy with the younger kids, and do not always get to spend the time with Brianna that I would like.  I so enjoyed our walk this morning.  We saw a hot air balloon, talked about her bike, the dog, her friends, and everything important in Brianna's world. Half way through our walk, she grabbed my hand, and we walked hand in hand the rest of the way.  I am so proud of her.  She is very excited about being a LIFE runner.  She has such a passion for the unborn.  For her age she really grasps the fear, lies, and sadness that surrounds abortion.  Steve and I of course have shared our passion for Pro-life with her, but she knows in the very depths of her heart that it is wrong.  I really think that is a conviction sent from above.  I love the days when I take the time to slow down, and really listen to my kids.  Brianna did most of the talking on our walk, and I loved listening to her.  I know my children so well,  I am with them 24/7 and can usually finish their thoughts/sentences before they do,  yet I feel like a learn a little more each day.  So today, I walked for 35 minutes, slowed down, and enjoyed my daughter.   It was a great way to start my day.  Tomorrow, I am meeting a friend, and will attempt my first 5 mile run.  I am excited!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

God's Grace gives me a greatful heart

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted again.  Time is truly flying by!  I finished out the month of June at 30min a day.  On Friday July 1st  I decided to do  a cross training day and I  went for a very long walk in my neighborhood.  Usually when I am exercising my prayer of choice is the rosary.  However today I really just praised God my entire walk.  I was so struck by the beauty of nature, and the majesty we have all around us.  I have always loved nature,  the sights the sounds and the smells.   I love listening to the wind in the trees,  it is one of the most relaxing sounds to me.  I love to hear the birds singing.  I find such peace and comfort when I am able to enjoy the beauty surrounding me.  So as I was walking today,  I pondered if we can have such beauty around us here on earth,  how beautiful it must be in heaven!  I just kept thanking God over and over for the many blessings in my life, and the beauty that I can enjoy here on this earth.  I have noticed that when I have a grateful heart, my joy seems to grow.  I ended my walk feeling completely relaxed and joyous!  Now that is a way to start your day!

Sat. and Sun  July 2nd and 3rd

I did not get a run in either day.  We headed out on vacation to the Black hills in SD.  It is about a 9 hour drive from Fergus Falls.  We of course made several stops on the way,  you don't have much choice with four children.  So Saturday was taken up with the travel and getting settled at the cabin.  Sunday we went to Sylvan lake, took the kids swimming, did needles highway, and Keystone.  It was a full days event, and I did not get a chance to sneak a run in.

Mon July 4th.

I did get a run in today.  We just decided to hang out at the cabin today and enjoy the beauty around us.  It made it much easier for me to sneak away and  get my run in.  I decided to still stay at 30 min this week because I did not get all my days in last week, and it seemed like it was a hard jump for me to make.  The cabin I refer to is Steve's Grandparents/parents cabin.   We are so lucky to have such a great place to take our family to.   One of the things  enjoy most is no distractions.  No TV,  no cell phone reception.  It is also rustic.  We use an outhouse, and do not have running water.  The kids actually think it is kinda cool to have to go to an outhouse.   My son Sam went to the bathroom more than he ever does at home!  Anyway,  the cabin is about 11/2 miles past a town called NEMO.  So for my run,  I figured I would run to Nemo and back.   I had prepared myself mentally that it was going to be much harder for me to run here due to the elevation change.  So I started on my run, and much to my surprise, I felt great!  I was booking it.  I get to the edge of Nemo in record time, and then I turn around to go back to the cabin.  Now I realize why it was so easy, and why I was going so fast!  It was all downhill.  Now it wasn't obvious to me, it was a gradual decline,  but going back  the gradual incline  sucked!  I didn't feel quite so strong on the way back to the cabin.  OUCH!   I did make it however, and had overall a good run.

Tues July 5th

We are heading home today, so I knew I needed to get my run in before we left the cabin.   So I got up and went for my run.  I was more aware of the hill, so I took it much easier on the way down, so I wasn't so tired running back today.  As I am praying and running today, I notice the great peace I have in my heart today.   I often feel this way when I visit the cabin.   The beauty of all the trees and only the sound of nature to fill my ears.  The smell of pine and the sound of the creek flowing next to the road.  It is just perfect.  My run was more difficult for me today, I didn't run as far I did yesterday.  I ran the full 30 minutes though, and am completely satisfied with that.   Being able to run for 30 min is a huge victory for me!  I am very happy today,  which is probably a good thing,  because I have 9 hours ahead of me in a car with four kids......Lord help me!

Wed,  July 6th  I took the day off.

Thursday July 7th

I could not get out of bed this morning, so I met a couple friends at the track after work today.  One of the reasons I like to run in the morning is because I don't like to run in the heat.  It was a cooker today!  I think close to 90 degrees.  I wasn't too sure how my run was going to go, but I was happy to have a couple of friends with me.  I start out and man was it hard!  I told myself to suck it up and to just deal with the heat.  I have 30 minutes I have to get in, and the heat won't stop me.   So I started my prayers and off I went.   The first lap we all ran together, and then we kinda broke off at each of our own paces.  Towards the end of my run, one of my friends joined me, and was a great encouragement to me.  I have talked about how I like to finish my runs strong,  so I tell Jean that the last one hundred meters,  I am going to sprint it in.   So I took off, and about 50 meters left I had nothing left,  and Jean started cheering me on, telling me how I could do it.   It was exactly what I needed.   I was able to finish strong thanks to her support.    Thanks Jean!

Friday July 8th.

I did a cross training day today. A Friend gave me the Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred video, and I really enjoyed it.   It is a lot of good strengthening and calisthenic type stuff, which I should be doing in conjunction with my running anyway.   So I am going to try and do both each and the 30 day shred.   We will see what happens.

Sat.  July 9th 

I did not get out for a run this morning.   Since returning from vacation,   mid week,  I was in desperate need to do a grocery shop, so that is the first thing I did today.   I did however get out at about 2pm for a run.   It's another really hot day, so  am a little nervous about running.   Thursday after my run,  I got a little sick,   just nausea and a little light headedness,  I was sure it was that I was overheated.   So I made sure I was well hydrated and off I went.   I ran really slow today,   the heat just sucks the life out of me!   I did get my 30 minutes in though, and then I got home and did my 30 day shred as well.  It was a good day.

Sunday July 10th.

 I got up early this morning to go for my run.   I have had enough heat training the last couple days!   My run went really well this morning.   I felt good, even though  I have quite a bit of muscle stiffness in places from doing the 30 day shred.   I said my prayers and  got home, and did the 30 day shred again.   I am really enjoying this,  hopefully I can keep it up.

Monday July 11th.

I decided to bump my time up to 35 minutes today. My shins were a little sore starting out today, but nothing I couldn't handle.   I start in with my prayers and I found myself in a good rhythm.  I was having trouble really concentrating on my rosary this morning, so I just lifted up any aches and pains I was having and asked that it be used as a prayer to save on baby from abortion.  One mother  from the agony and heartbreak of abortion, and for one abortionist to have one less innocent persons blood on their hands.   I  found myself pleading in prayer on behalf of the baby, mother, and abortionist.   I am not sure how to explain what I was feeling.   I just know that after a while I wasn't aware of my pace or any aches and pains I had in my body.   My mind was totally consumed in prayer.  My heart was breaking for the mothers that have chosen abortion, and the agony they must face.  My eyes were filling with tears as I thought of all the innocent blood shed over lies and confusion.  I can honestly say I have never been so consumed by a prayer before.   I have felt prayer, and have been moved by prayer,  but this prayer consumed me.  It was really powerful, and I don't think that I am explaining it very well.   As I am finishing my run,   I realize I have ran much further than I ever had before.  I've recently started mapping my runs...... it is a great website that allows me to map out what I ran, and tells me how far I went, and what pace I ran.  I ran about 34 min when I reached my driveway.  I had gone 3.37 miles,  which works out to be a 10:13 mile pace, which is really  good for me.    I was excited about my progress.  This was day five, with tired legs,  I ran the farthest, and the longest I have run so far, and  I did it at a faster pace than  I normally run.   I think I need to get lost in prayer more often!

Tuesday July 12th

I took today off from my running.  When I went bed last night I had stared coming down with a head cold.  I did not sleep well last night at all.   I awoke this morning feeling like I have an ice pick stuck in my head!   Today is also my wonderful husbands birthday.   I have already gotten him his present, but still try to make his day a little more special than a normal day.   I know I  Thank God everyday for the gift of Steve.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.   I'm not going to ramble on about how he is the most perfect man in the world,  because he is not.....none of us are.  I am going to tell you that he is a man of principle, and integrity and honesty, and he tries very hard to always follow the will of God in his life.  He loves his kids and his wife, the best he can each and every day.  He is my best friend, and he loves me enough to never give me lip service.  He always helps me to grow and strive and reach my full potential.  He also tries very hard to push himself to reach his full potential.  I am so proud of him, and love him with all of my heart.   So today I thank God again, for bringing Steve into my life. We met when we were 15 and 16.  We have grown up together.  We have at this point of our lives,  been a part of each others lives longer than we lived at home with our families.....amazing!  Thank You Jesus for the gift of Steve.  

Wed,  July 13th

I was not able to pull myself out of be this am.  This head cold is kicking my butt!  I did however make myself go out and attempt to run after work today.  Today I realized that running with a head cold is a great punishment.  I was in agony!  I couldn't breathe well,  I felt like someone was chasing me and hitting me over the head every few seconds with a baseball bat,  it was awful.   I only made it about twenty minutes, and I had to stop.  So hopefully I'll get feeling better,  cause I really want to get back on track!