Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Bugs, More Seizures...............

Steve is currently gone at the Notre Dame Vita Institute, and I have taken this two week period to  plan a surprise for him for fathers day, I will only share part of it, because well I know he reads this.  He knows this part, but I have decided to reorganize and rearrange my entire house along with something else for his surprise.  During this time (week one of his two week departure) it seems that anything that could go wrong has.  I already shared about hurting my back which bumped my training back, but several things with the surprise has gone wrong as well (will fill you in, next blog entry).  Then to top it all off,  Sarah has more nasty bug bites and Friday night she had two seizures.  This seizure was different than past ones for several reasons. 1.) She didn't have a fever. 2.)  I did not have to give her diastat to bring her out of them, she came out of them on her own. 3)  They were not Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal) affecting her entire body. These seizures were what they call Focal seizures,  Only her right side was affected by the seizure, and they were shorter, and stopped all on their own. 

I used to work with people with Developmental Disabilities, and several of them had seizure disorders, so before all of this I had seen seizures, and know what to do and not to do.  However, seeing my own child have one, is well terrifying.  I had to call a friend at midnight to send their daughter over to sleep at my house with my other three kids, while I took Sarah to the ER.  She had a bad infections in her bug bites.....imagine that, but no fever.  So they put her on Anti-biotic and told me to follow up with the pediatrician on Monday.

I saw Dr Eisinger yesterday, and he said that this was not a febrile seizure it was a focal seizure and he recommends a full seizure work up.  I don't know why I was surprised by this, but I was.  I had just gotten to a point where every little weird twitch, or moment of spaciness wasn't putting a knot in my stomach for fear of a small seizure.  People can have seizures, where it looks like all they are doing is staring into space.  Essentially a seizure is a disturbance of the normal electrical activity in the brain,  so the disturbances can be small.  Anyway, now I am logging through all those little events wondering if they were seizures.  If I had not pulled Sarah into bed with me Friday night(due to bug bites and her history)  I very well could have missed the seizures.

I called the Neurologist at Sanford Children's this morning.  I talked to his nurse and am waiting to hear back, but it looks like another trip to Sioux Falls for a possible 24 hour EEG and MRI may be in our future.  Deep down I know if Sarah does end up having a seizure disorder, we will adjust and treat and be okay, but the thought of it, has caused moments of panic.  Most of all I feel helpless, because I can't protect her from this.  The thought of watching her go through this her whole life(yes I know I am getting ahead of myself again) breaks my heart.

Looking at Sarah now, she is no worse for the wear.  She is fiery, feisty, and full of the dickens!  She truly is one of the toughest kids I know.  She is funny and smart and still radiates joy whenever you meet her.  I can be crabby and unhappy and she smiles at me, and her smile does truly light up the whole room.  If I am ever gone (even if it is for five minutes) when I get home she is excited beyond belief.....she just radiates love.  What a gift she is.

Needless to say, I did not start my training this week, because I just don't want to leave her alone(without Steve here) while I am running around the neighborhood in the morning.  So I will start when Steve gets home....which will be Sunday.  I can't wait.  I would appreciate all of your prayers.  Thanks!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Epic Fail!

I have realized that I have earned the worst blogger ever title......It has been over two months since I posted, but  in my defense......Life has been  CRAZY.  The last two months have consisted of two birthdays, one first Communion, one weekend retreat (for me), its been more than 10 years since I had a weekend away from my family. One sixth grade graduation, Track and Field day, planning a memorial mass for all women who had suffered the loss of a child in the womb, for my parish, a funeral of a dear friend Sr. Francelle, a surprise trip home to see my mom after she had her thyroid removed, due to having thyroid cancer, another trip back to Sioux Falls to meet up with Steve's family on his dad's birthday to remember and honor his dad. Starting a new diet....losing 15lbs and almost 20 inches in 3 weeks, Oh and last but not least helping get my husband ready because he is out of town for a couple of weeks at the Vita Institute at Notre Dame.  All this while working 40 plus hours a week and raising four children.  I'm tired!

I was supposed to start my training to train regime on June 11th, but last weekend I decide I was superwoman.   I wanted to reorganize my playroom, so I moved the 7 Ft tall x 4ft wide armour that held my toys out into the garage, by myself, yes I know not my smartest move.   However, when I decide I am going to do something, I do it, and don't always wait for the appropriate help. So now my back is finally getting to a point where I can move somewhat normally.  I should probably go to the chiropractor....he always helps, but I just can't muster the energy.  So if I keep improving with the ice and ibuprofen regime, I will start my training on Monday.

Once my training begins I hope to become a more consistent blogger, but I will make no promises.  I love that my life is so full, I never know what is around the next corner.  Hopefully I will see you there!