Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time Flies, Pounds drop, running ensues

Well my hope to be a more consistent blogger is so far falling a little short, but It has only been a month instead of two.  So it is progress.  Steve is home from his two week stint in June, his surprise was well received, we have celebrated Steve's Birthday, Mary's Birthday, the fourth of July, and so much more.

We had some testing done on Sarah for her most recent seizures.  We got good news and more of the same news.  The good news is they felt confident in saying that she does not have one of the more serious types of Seizure disorders......however, they didn't feel they could completely rule out a seizure disorder at this point either.  The neurologist said we had two options, we could wait and see, or we could start her on a daily dose of anti-seizure medication.  I have done lots of research and anti-seizure meds are some pretty serious medications with lots of side effects.  Steve and I feel that it is not in Sarah's best interest at this point to start her on a medication for a possibility.  She has maybe two seizures a year, and the frequency of the seizures vs. the risks of the medications this just seems the best way to go, for now.  If it ever comes to a point where the frequency increases greatly, and of course she is diagnosed with a seizure disorder, we will go the medication route, but for now, we will wait and see.  She still has a very good chance of outgrowing this.

I am so thankful that she is such a tough kid.  She is so full of the dickens, stubborn, strong-willed, adventurous, fearless, and nothing seems to slow her down or stop her.  She just rolls with it and pushes forward.  It makes my job as her parent quite challenging at times, but I am so thankful for her spunk and liveliness and joy.  It is very reassuring to see her out that giving life all she has got.  It gives me a quiet confidence that she will be matter what we face.

I have started training.  I ran a 5k on July 7th.... I only ran four times before the race, so  I was completely out of shape. I also had a serious summer cold, which was later diagnosed as Bronchitis. It was the slowest 5k I have ever run, but it was fun.  I ran the whole thing, and I finished.  It was pretty cool too.  My Bro-in law Pat and his wife Angi, their kids, Steve and I and our kids, and my brother James and his son Christian all ran it.  Of course they all finished ahead of me.  After Pat got done winning the race....yes he won the race, and his daughter Grace won the 1.2 mile, and all 5 Castle Children were in the top 10 of the 1.2 mile finishers.  They all came back for me, and ran me in.  There was a time when I would have been embarrassed that I finished so much further behind everyone, but I honestly had the most fun in the race, and having my family run it in at the finish cheering and yelling for me as I run as fast as I can to the finish line was a pretty fun feeling.  I missed a week after the 5k due to nasty Bronchitis, and even though I have not stopped coughing even after a bout of anti-biotics....I have started running again, and I will be ready for my half-marathon training to begin July 31st.

I also started a new diet.  It is called the Ideal Protein diet.  It is the HARDEST diet I have ever been on, but it is also the most effective.   I have so much more energy, and I feel so much better, and I have lost 34lbs since May 21st.  34 pounds in 8 weeks is more than four pounds a week.....I am excited.  I have days I want to cheat, but seeing the results on the scale and in the inches....I've lost over 33 inches from my body as well,  it makes it easier to stick to the diet.  I have 56 more pounds to go, but I believe I will reach my goal weight before my half-Marathon.  Did I mention that my goal weight is my Pre-baby weight..... as in before 8 pregnancies(4 miscarriages), and giving birth to my four children weight.  I will be so excited if I reach that goal....not to mention it will definitely help me with my running.  I have heard for every ten pounds you lose, you can take a minute of your mile pace, up to a point. So my goal for my half-marathon this fall is to finish it in two hours.  I ran my first one last October in 2 hours and 31 minutes.  I think I can do this. 

That is the update for now.  I will post again soon!

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