Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The days are flying by!

I have not posted in a couple of weeks.  Life has been so completely busy,  I haven't felt I've had much time to breathe, let alone do anything else!  Therefore, I am going to summarize the last two weeks in lump, instead of highlighting each day.   The good news is, is that I have been able to get my runs in!  I bumped up my time from 20 to 25 minutes.   My shins have been doing good, but I have been running in my neighborhood, and all the hills seem to have caused some issues for my left Achilles.  Two weeks ago,  I got in the full six days!  5 running and 1 cross training!  This last week I got in 5 days, 4 running and 1 cross training.   As far as weight loss goes, I haven't lost any.  It is like my body is holding onto the weight for dear life!  I have noticed this last week, that I am showing signs of my metabolism starting to pick up. YAY!  I think it has been in a coma the  last 8 years.  I have really had to learn to totally let go of the weight loss thing.  It's really hard, because I want to lose weight, but it is not coming off.  I bumped my time up to 30 minutes a day yesterday, and I am hoping now that I am running longer periods of time, I will begin to lose weight.  However,  I also know that I need to not focus on that aspect, and totally put all of my focus on the training aspect. 

As far as my praying goes.  It is so helpful, and good for me to pray when I run.  There have been so many times when I wanted to stop, and because I am praying I am able to deny myself what I want, and continue on for something bigger than myself.  I am very creaturly at times....I don't like to be hungry, hot, uncomfortable, or in pain if I don't have to be.   When I run, I experience many of the don't likes, but because I am using my running as a prayer,  I am able to die to myself and use my discomfort as a prayer.  It is truly very powerful.  

Summer is flying by for my family. June was gone in a blink.  I still can't believe it is the end of the month.  We have had things going on 4 to 5 nights a week, plus my daycare numbers are up right now, which is a complete blessing, but my days are very very busy.  I am struggling with fatigue, but hoping I am able to push through.  July is not looking like it will let up at all.  We will be gone over the fourth, and then will be hosting family later in the month. We also seem to have things on the calendar for most evenings. I have not even had time to begin preparing for anything.  I am trying to begin planning our 2nd annual castle BBQ.   We are already into mid august for planning things, so I hope i can swing it all!

Monday June 27th

Tonight I upped my time to 30 minutes of running!   I did not get out in the morning for a run, I was just too tired.  I could not get out of bed.   I have found running is easier for me in the mornings.  by 5pm I am usually so tired that trying to run is nearly impossible.  However,  I knew I had to get out today.  So I pushed through the exhaustion, and went to the track.  I decided to run a couple days a week on the track still, just because the hills seem to  put  pressure on my Achilles, and I know I don't want an injured Achilles.  I get to the track and start my warm up lap.   I set a goal to run 2 and 1/2 miles.  I've been doing a little over two miles at 25 minutes, so I figured this was a good goal.  I've been doing a lot of my training at about a 12 min.  mile pace.  I told you before....definitely not breaking any speed records.   So I start my run.  I was two laps in, and I was huffing and puffing, and sweating like crazy!  I think I looked like the dude in the Airplane movies, in the ending scenes where he is flying the plane.Buckets of sweat.  It was awful.  My legs hurt, and they were so heavy.  I had no idea how I was going to make it 30 minutes.  At this point, even though I am so winded I start praying out loud.  I don't know why, but it helps me so much to pray out loud.  As I am running, praying, and counting laps, I am beginning to give myself a pep talk.  " Okay you have 4 more laps,  you can do this!  Don't stop, slow down if you need to, but don't stop!"   As the laps kept going by, I am finding strength in my prayers.   I still hurt  EVERWHERE,  I'm still hot and miserable, but I now begin to know I will finish this.  I reach my 2.5 mile goal, and notice I still have time left to run to reach my 30 minutes. So I push on.   I ended up running about  2.75 miles plus another 200meters....so almost a full 3 miles in 30 minutes!   I went from running a 12 min mile pace to probably close to a 10 and a half minute mile pace.   I took almost a minute and a half off my mile pace......crazy.  Now I know I can't do this every run, and I didn't even set out to do this today.   I just prayed really hard, and didn't even realize I was running faster,  I just thought I was having a really bad day.   It just goes to show,  "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me" 

I get home after my run and have to rescue the two turtles my kids found from the sandbox.  I told them that we wanted to set them free, so they could lay eggs and we could see the babies in the fall.  The older ones were okay with it, but Sarah (2yrs)  had a meltdown over the turtles leaving.  I then showered and made supper, and got kids to bed around 930pm.  I realized then that I forgot to stretch, and my muscles were really tight and sore.  At this point I'm just wasted, so I go fall into bed.  I hope that I'm not in to much pain tomorrow.

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